Huon Show Pictorial

Huon Show Pictorial

The Huon Show is one of the best one-day rural shows in Australia. Over 11 000 people walked through the gates of the recent 69th show, which was down on the record attendance in 2013, but not bad considering the weather was putting on a typical spring tantrum. Showers and blustery conditions prevailed in the morning but Huon Valley stalwarts just buttoned up their raincoats, or sheltered under a verandah for the ten minutes it took to blow over. By afternoon the wind had dropped, sun was shining and people’s fortitude was rewarded.

Draft horses were a highlight as always.

DSC00308 DSC00310 DSC00307 DSC00490

Woodchopping is a popular sport in Tasmania with a long tradition.

DSC00460 DSC00463 DSC00379

Show jumping was impressive. Clearly many hours of training go into competing at this level.

DSC00408 DSC00418 DSC00413

A wide range of stalls meant there was something for everyone.

DSC00375 DSC00313 DSC00315 DSC00316

Animals and their loving owners were on show throughout the grounds.

DSC00446 DSC00519 DSC00573 DSC00579

Machinery, old and new, is always a feature. Curios and collectibles were also on display.

DSC00527 DSC00529 DSC00582 DSC00583 DSC00530DSC00540

And of course the Huon Show just wouldn’t be the same without Sideshow Alley and those rides.

DSC00541 DSC00546 DSC00451 DSC00563

Annette Cauchi

Annette Cauchi is a blogger and copywriter who calls the Huon Valley home. Annette is keen to promote positive things about living in Australia's southernmost municipality.

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