Franklin Collective – Huon Valley Makers and Growers

Franklin Collective – Huon Valley Makers and Growers

The Huon Valley is bursting with creativity, energy and talent.

Artists, writers, photographers, musicians, craft specialists, fruit and vegetable growers, bakers and home-grown master chefs are busy producing world class products right here in the Huon Valley.


And such prolific productivity needs outlets to connect with customers, whether they be visitors looking for something special or locals looking for lunch.

We have great markets happening regularly all over the Huon Valley, but for those who can’t get to a market, or who have only a small number of items to sell, we now have The Franklin Collective!


The Franklin Collective is open from Friday to Sunday from 10am to 3pm in the foyer and front room of the Palais Theatre in the heart of historic Franklin.


Just wander in to peruse the classy collection of arts and crafts, books by local writers, locally made jams and preserves, mouthwatering fresh-baked cakes and bread,  and as the weather warms you can take home an increasing range of freshly harvested home grown produce.



And if that was not enough there is a book exchange to browse through¬† and also a jigsaw exchange for those who can’t get enough of those little pieces.


The Franklin Collective is an initiative of the Palais Committee of Management who were looking for ways of making the Palais more accessible to the public. The Palais is a grand old building and worth a look just for its own sake.


Under the leadership of Jill Manning, an idea developed that would not only keep the Palais doors unlocked, but also promote the creativity of Huon Valley people, and share information about other things to see and do in our special part of Tasmania.

Funds raised are put back into community projects.


Enquiries can be directed to Jill on 0429 193401 or Jane Johnson on 0400 717140.


Or just drop in for a look or a chat Friday to Sunday 9am -3pm at 3388 Huon Highway, Franklin.



Annette Cauchi

Annette Cauchi is a blogger and copywriter who calls the Huon Valley home. Annette is keen to promote positive things about living in Australia's southernmost municipality.

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