Steve and Marjorie Gadd

Steve and Marjorie Gadd

Huon Valley string music: Past, present and future

The Huon Valley has a rich musical history which would have been lost, if not for the dedication of renowned local musicians, Steve and Marjorie Gadd.

Not only have they saved and revived an important part of the Huon Valley’s musical tradition, they continue to enrich that heritage with the depth and soul of their music.

As outstanding music teachers, they are fostering the Huon Valley’s next generation, to not only be great musicians, but to have a real sense of their cultural roots.

steve and marjorie

Steve and Marjorie’s achievements are numerous. As well as performing regularly in a large number of different bands and ensembles, they are teachers, composers, collectors, archivists, mentors, publishers and recording artists. And permeating through all those achievements is the sense of deep love for the Huon Valley, our community, culture,  history, and our beautiful natural environment. Both Steve and Marjorie compose original music, at times drawing on the atmospheric and moody Huon River, the mountains, forests, and those ever -changing dramatic skies that make the Huon Valley such a wellspring of inspiration .

Music by Marjorie & Steve Gadd

Video by Mike Raine

This is an uplifting little portrayal of Franklin on an Autumn morning. Mike just took our music and in no time he had this film. If you had a rotten day and need something to bring back a sense of peace and contentment this could do it. The photography is beautiful.

Steve and Marjorie have been working on collecting and recording local music from the Huon Valley tradition of Apple Shed dances. But as happens so often in the Huon, delving into the past led to revival and a new generation of young people are learning the old folk tunes, keeping them alive and hopping. Steve and Marjorie started the youth-focused Tasmanian Heritage Fiddle Ensemble over a decade ago, and although some of the original members have grown up and left, younger musicians coming through mean that the ensemble is still going strong and is available for functions and events, including the ever-popular bush dances.

Mike Raine recently recorded and filmed a Tasmanian Heritage Fiddle Ensemble practice.
This is the early ‘Tasmanian Waltz’, composed by Alexander Laing around 1850.

Music Lessons

Steve and Marjorie offer lessons in their home at Franklin or in Hobart.

Marjorie teaches violin, in classical and folk fiddle styles from elementary through to advanced. She also teaches beginners on a wide range of instruments including cello, and viola.

Steve teaches guitar, 5 string Banjo, mandolin and ukulele across a range of styles including, traditional fingerpicking and flat-picking, jazz, blues, bluegrass, folk styles and rock. Reading music, tab, theory and improvisation are all taught where required.

Steve and Marjorie are proud of the fact that many of their students have matured into accomplished musicians.

All ages and abilities are welcome.

Contact them on 03 6266 3446 or email

Or find out much more at their website:

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Learn with Steve and Marjorie Gadd, like Grace Doblo (below) and you could be this good!


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