Huon Valley Snowed Under

Huon Valley Snowed Under

The Huon Valley has been resting under a blanket of snow this week.

Snow blanket

The Bureau of Meterorology had been predicting snow down to low levels for a week. There were the usual doubters and naysayers but they turned out to be right, with snow down to sea-level in some parts of the Huon and Channel.

Winter walnut

Whenever we get a decent dump of snow people here in the Huon always compare it to  legendary white-out of 1986 when people were skiing down the Southern Outlet and over the Tasman Bridge. Well August 2015 wasn’t quite that exciting, but it wasn’t far off.

Here in the hills we were pretty well buried in the fluffy white stuff.


Frozen downpipe

       Huon Valley schools were closed for three days due to road closures. Many teaching staff simply could not get to work and so the children of the Huon were set free to play in the snow. It was a bit of a headache for some parents who had to work, but hey, ring the boss and let’s go throw snowballs.

Snow dog

Annette Cauchi

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