Billy Browns Falls: Hidden Gem of the Huon Valley

Billy Browns Falls: Hidden Gem of the Huon Valley

One of the most wonderful things about the Huon Valley is that you are never far from wild nature. If you are in the Huonville area it is easy to make a day trip to Billy Browns Falls where you can see some of the most spectacular remnant old growth forest that you will experience anywhere.

Billy Brown Falls in full flood

The walk is of a medium-hard level, steep in places but quite short, so if you are reasonably fit it is worth the effort. The main hazard you might encounter is slippery rocks and steep muddy areas, but mostly it is a decent track.

The big tree

You get there by taking either Glen Huon Road or North Huon Road to the main intersection at Judbury. Turn into Judds Creek Road. Follow this road for 12km. It is passable to sturdy 2WD vehicles but be warned, it is rough in spots near the end. After 12km you will see a new forestry road. Here is where you park and the walk starts off to the right.


The first part of the walk climbs to the top of the ridge then you  descend into a truly hidden valley that hopefully will remain that way. The track passes through some spectacularly old forest with huge tree ferns and mature sassafras under a canopy of towering eucalypts.

Old growth

When you arrive at the falls you might see a powerful cascade if there has been rain. If not then you will see a magnificent dolerite outcrop in a majestic valley. Billy Browns Fall are a hidden gem of the Huon Valley.



Annette Cauchi

Annette Cauchi is a blogger and copywriter who calls the Huon Valley home. Annette is keen to promote positive things about living in Australia's southernmost municipality.

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